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The Dream Thief (The Drakon, Book 2)

The Dream Thief  - Shana Abe The Dream Thief is the second book in Shana Abé's Drakon series and, like most readers, I was eagerly awaiting the continuation of Zane's story. He was such an interesting character in the first book and I wished he'd have a chance at his own HEA.

The plot itself was engaging, but I personally felt like there could have been an added hundred pages or so to pour out more of the story. Most of the times, I got the impression that Abé was telling rather than showing throughout the book. For example, at the utterance of "I love you," it didn't seem genuine or believable. The hero and heroine do go through their own various trials and tribulations, especially in the face of their budding relationship. However, I didn't see any personal growth or any gradual revelations about how they felt for one another. You blink and all of a sudden their feelings a founded and solidified. Maybe I'm being too critical of Abé, but this happens to be a reading pet peeve of mine. It wasn't a bad book. Honest. I just think a few more pages would have benefited the story a bit better.

The next book, Queen of Dragons, is about Mari, who we were introduced to in this book, and Kimber, who happens to be Amalia's brother. Mari seems like a very complicated and darker heroine than Lia and Rue, though I don't really have a handle on Kimber in terms of personality quite yet since he wasn't a prevalent force in The Dream Thief. Either way, I think I might be anticipating the third book more than this one.