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Talk Me Down

Talk Me Down - Victoria Dahl Whelp...the happenings in this book could have just been avoided if Molly just told Ben the truth. Her "secrets" weren't really that bad and, with Ben being a police chief, it would actually make more sense to fill him in on some things.

Molly spends her time reminiscing about what a sweet, shy guy Ben was a decade ago. That truly hasn't changed, which adds another point to why in the hell she just didn't fess up to him. He's a trustworthy individual, so I really failed to keep understanding her logic. At first, yes. I got it. Spilling out stories of crazy exes and your unorthodox career might not be the best icebreaker, but halfway through the book, there was really no point in keeping mum except to drive along the plot.

I have a love/hate relationship with Miss Molly Jennings. I applaud that fact that she's a heroine who is in touch with her sexual side and doesn't mind embracing it. It's refreshing to see a woman who isn't afraid of a little sexual healing or the mysterious lustful cravings she gets when a hot piece walks in the door. The hero and heroine don't fight their attraction to each other at an agonizing pace either, which I enjoyed because I've been getting tired of the books I've been reading where I find myself practically screaming, "Ohmigod, just do it already!"

But onto the hate part of our relationship. I found Molly to be annoying and a bit all over the place. Her moods changed at an inhuman pace and I had a hard time relating to someone who could replace any emotion with flippant flirtation. When you feel like someone is stalking you, it's time for some serious business! Not sexual innuendos! She really needed a good shake for a majority of the book. I've noticed some reviewers comment on how Molly is a tad undeserving of Ben's affections and I have to agree. At the end of the book, I didn't feel as though she earned his devotion.

Despite my disappointment for Talk Me Down, I'll be picking up the second in the serious, Start Me Up. It features Lori, Molly's resident BFF, and Quinn, who happens to be Molly's brother. The two were briefly characterized in the first and I'm interested to see how their chemistry works together. I also didn't find Lori to be half as irksome as Molly, but we'll see.