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The Devil in Winter (The Wallflowers, Book 3)

Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas Every time I read a Lisa Kleypas book, my first instinct is to declare it's my favorite. Seeing as how I've probably said that about each preceding Wallflower book, it's obvious that I'm a fickle creature. But I really mean it this time! Honest!

Evangeline Jenner is one of the most a-freaking-dorable heroines I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I found her stammer to be endearing and sweet. Her plight for a husband to me seemed a bit more crucial to her future and her safety; whereas, with the past two girls, the search for a partner seemed more out of societal duty than anything. Her fears and struggles were all quite justified and I'm eager to get a glimpse of what's going on in her married life in the following books.

Sebastian St. Vincent is such a delicious character and, honestly, who doesn't love a reformed rake. We're able to experience his emotional growth and love for Evie and it's beautifully done. That being said, I wish I was able to know more regarding his background. He briefly glossed over his family history, but I was hoping to know so much more than just a paragraph or two. The back and forth between his sly innuendos and Evie's confident retorts guarantees that the book never has a boring lapse in dialogue.

Really, I only had a couple issues with the book. I was genuinely surprised at how quickly the tumultuous and unhealthy relationship Evie had with her family was resolved. They were portrayed as being quite cruel and persistent in the previous books, but that didn't seem to hold true when we actually get to the book that's surely supposed to include them. I'm also surprised that Lisa Kleypas didn't incorporate some of Sebastian's past paramours, but perhaps she felt that those sorts of obstacles would have been too obvious.

I've said it before and I have no problems saying it again. Kleypas' characterization is pure gold. She has the most bittersweet touch of slightly introducing a character (Cam Rohan *swoon*) and at the end of the book, I find myself craving to know whether or not they'll be getting their own story. Both, Daisy Bowman and Cam Rohan, are fleshed out more as characters in Devil in Winter, causing a sense of urgency in me to start reading their respective books. Thankfully, I have Daisy's story, Scandal in Spring, and Cam's book, Mine Till Midnight, buried somewhere on my dresser.

My only problem is now deciding which to read first.