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Born of Night  - Sherrilyn Kenyon Sigh. Sherrilyn Kenyon, I expected better of you. I have read several books from her Dark-Hunters series and I genuinely found them to be decent, entertaining reads. I also enjoy a bit of science fiction from time to time and I was delighted to discover this scifi romance series. World-building is an essential part of any science fiction story and I wasn't disappointed by Kenyon in this aspect. It was her characters that irked me to no end. I would rather her skimp on the world-building than put me through Kiara's incessant crying and whining.

As you can tell, the heroine is what gave me the most trouble while reading. At times she was described as being stubborn or headstrong, but her actions never once displayed either of those traits. At one point during a crying fit, she apologizes because she swears she's not this emotional. Obviously, Kiara is a bit delusional since she has several more tearful episodes throughout the book.

I understand that in a plot, obstacles must be presented in order for the characters to grow as they overcome such odds. But dear god, the sheer amount of cliché problems Kenyon introduced were as equally staggering as they were annoying. Almost any issue that can be used in a romance novel was thrown into the mix of the story. Even worse, they all seemed to be solved in a handful of pages. The solutions seemed hollow and meaningless because I felt the characters truly didn't work to achieve them.

As far as the relationship is concerned with Kiara and Nykyrian, I would say that falls into the same realm as the previously ranted about plot devices. Their relationship didn't blossom or gradually transform. There's some sexual tension, they finally hop into bed, and then it was just there.

I was intrigued by Syn's characterization in Born of Night so I'll definitely give the next book a try since it focuses on him. That or I'm just using that as an excuse to hide that I might be a literary masochist.